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Excess mass

Operating and the Excess mass guideline

The Excess mass guideline is an alternate means of legally complying when the mass of a vehicle exceeds the mass requirements of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation.

The guideline establishes the vehicle and mass limits and conditions of operation of excess mass special purpose vehicles to 40t and vehicles carrying an indivisible item to 59.5t.

The guideline conditions include route restrictions on the state-controlled road network. Approval for travel on local government roads is the responsibility of the Approved Heavy Haulage Operator.

The guideline also forms the foundation for the issue of excess mass permits, thereby providing for consistent and uniform excess mass permit management throughout Queensland.

Approved Heavy Haulage Operator (AHHO)

To operate an excess mass vehicle in Queensland an operator is required to register as an AHHO. Applicants must provide information such as company details and a list of persons authorised to sign on behalf of the company for permits.

Approved Heavy Haulage Operator application form (F4041).

Authority to Operate (ATO)

Each special purpose vehicle or prime mover operating in the excess mass scheme is required to obtain an ATO. The ATO will identify the vehicle as being eligible to participate in the scheme and will provide compliance personnel with data on the permitted operating mass of the vehicle.

The information required includes:

  • vehicle description and approved operating masses
  • supervised weighing of the vehicle
  • for a prime mover, proof of manufacturer's maximum load rating for axle groups, gross vehicle mass and maximum gross combination mass.

Authority to Operate application form (F4042).

Excess mass permit operations

Excess mass permits will be required for the movement of vehicle above guideline limits. The guideline forms the basis for excess mass permits. Permits will exempt vehicles from a limit in the guideline and impose additional conditions necessary for the safe movement of the vehicle.

Excess mass permit application forms may be accessed by clicking on following links:

Applications for excess mass permits may be submitted to the following permit management office within Queensland:

Permit management officePhoneFax
Rockhampton 07 4931 1637 07 4927 8149

Further information

Contact a permit management office or contact the Advisor (Permit System Management):

Phone: 07 3066 5511
Last updated
31 July 2014