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Renewing a licence

When can I renew my licence?

You can apply to renew your Queensland driver licence up to 6 weeks before it expires.

What if my licence has expired?

You must not drive if your licence has expired, however you can still renew your licence for up to 5 years after the date of expiry. If your licence expired more than 2 years ago, you will be required to show at least 3 evidence of identity documents when you apply for the renewal of your licence.

If your licence has been expired for more than 5 years, you will not be able to renew it. You will need to pass a written road rules test and apply for a learner licence. Once you have held the learner licence for 12 months and passed the practical driving test, you may apply for a P1 or P2 licence.

Renewing your licence on the internet

If you hold a Queensland open driver licence, you may be eligible to renew your licence online. A driver licence renewal notice will be sent to you approximately 6 weeks before your driver licence expires. This notice will explain if and how you can renew your driver licence online.

You cannot renew your licence online if:

Where do I find my card number?

If you renew online, you will be asked to enter your card number. Where you can find this number will depend on whether you hold a new card or a laminated card.

If you have any of the new cards, the card number is printed on the reverse side of the card, in the bottom right hand corner.

Back of new Queensland driver licence highlighting the card number at the bottom right

If you have a laminated driver licence, the card number is located in 2 positions:

  • If you have a renewal label attached to the back of your laminated driver licence, your card number is the 9 digit number that is printed on the renewal label.

Back of laminate licence highlighting the card number at the bottom

  • If you do not have a renewal label your card number is the 9 digit number that is printed next to your photograph.

Front of laminate licence highlighting card number beside the photo on the card

How else can I renew my licence?

You can renew your Queensland driver licence in person by:

Please note: You will need to show further evidence of identity if you have changed your name since your last driver licence was granted.

Can I renew my licence if I am interstate or overseas?

You may be able to renew your licence by mail if you are temporarily interstate or overseas.

If your Queensland driver licence will expire while you are away from Queensland, and you want to renew it you will need to print and complete a driver licence renewal kit. This kit gives you all the information you need and includes:

  • details about what you need to provide and whether you are eligible
  • the forms you need to complete
  • current fees.

If you are no longer a resident of Queensland, you need to contact the driver licensing authority in the state, territory or country where you now live to obtain a driver licence.

Last updated
29 April 2013